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5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

April 12, 2017 12:57 pm Published by: INNOVEX

What is synonymous with springtime? Spring cleaning. And while the cleaning part doesn’t always sound fun, the sense of renewal and refreshment that comes with it sure does. This spring, you can enhance your pool area and enjoy that uplifting feeling of renewal – without the cleaning part! How can you do it?


Take a look at these 5 ways to enhance your pool area:

#1. Decorate your patio.

One quick and easy way to inject some new life into your pool area is to find some new patio furniture. In fact, if your patio is currently bare, you are missing out on one very crucial component of the pool experience: lounging by the pool. 


Depending on what kind of patio furniture you pick, you can completely change the atmosphere of your pool area.


Is the pool somewhere you mostly spend time with the kids?

Picnic tables are a great choice. They can seat a lot of little ones and are the perfect platform for lunch outside by the pool.

Also, check out outdoor ottomans or benches that double as storage trunks for pool toys.


Do you want to turn your pool area into a summer night hot spot?

Invest in a great outdoor bar so you can serve up aperitifs for yourself and your guests poolside.

To create the perfect scene for lounging and mingling, add a padded, sectional sofa (and don’t forget lots of outdoor pillows to make it comfy!).


Is your pool your secret getaway?

To give your pool an even more relaxing feel, set up some recliners on your patio. This way you can stretch out in the sun and spend the day in total comfort by your pool.

(Want to really feel like you’re on in a tropical oasis? Try stringing up a hammock near your pool for ultimate relaxation.)


#2. Choose a new pool finish.


At first, you might think: a pool is just a pool, right? How much can I dress it up? In reality, you have many options to customize your pool and give it your own personal touch.


For instance, to enhance your pool area, you can choose a new interior pool finish. This can completely change the aesthetic of your pool area, and you have a lot of choices:



This is the oldest and most common choice for an interior pool finish – and for good reason. Plaster (specifically white plaster) gives a pool a clean, classic look that won’t look outdated in a few years.

Want something a little more special than plain, white plaster? You can also select colored plaster for a different look. For example, a slightly grey plaster will bring out an extra blue tint in the pool water.


Aggregate finishes

Aggregate finishes offer you a lot of room for creativity. They are made with a white or colored plaster base that is mixed with small pieces of either quartz, granite, glass, or stones or pebbles.

For an interior pool finish, this is both a practical and a beautiful choice. The aggregate finish is more resistant to stains than traditional plaster, and the added details of glass or stone give your pool a luxe, artistic vibe.



With tiles, you can really show your personality in your pool area. For example, you can tile just the steps and/or waterline of your pool to showcase a unique design, or you can tile the whole floor.

While tile is the more expensive option, it is also the most durable. If you properly maintain it, once installed, you should never have to replace your tile pool finish.


#3. Revamp your landscaping.


When you decide to enhance your pool area, think about what exactly your pool area entails. It’s not just the pool, but the whole lawn surrounding it. This spring, if you revamp your landscaping, you can create a whole new mood for your pool area. Here are some ideas:


Design a pathway to your pool.

With proper landscaping, your pool can be just as pretty to look at as it is to swim in. One way to enhance your pool area is design a lush pathway leading to the water.

Imagine yourself running to your pool on a hot summer day. What do you envision? Do you want a trail of your favorite flowers tracing a path to the pool? Or maybe a stone pathway with rows of leafy trees to give your backyard a tropical feel?


Make your pool area an oasis.

For a lot of people, one of the greatest benefits of having a pool is that it is a place to relax and unwind. You can easily exaggerate this feeling of tranquility with landscaping.

Want to make every day feel like a day at the spa? Consider adding a rock waterfall to your pool area. While the rocks themselves will add a diverse texture to your pool’s landscape, the sound of trickling water will give you the feel of a five star spa resort right in your backyard.


#4. Install outdoor lighting.


Lighting is a powerful conductor of mood, and that same design principle holds true for your pool’s landscape. Installing a few new outdoor light fixtures here and there can drastically alter the ambience of your pool area.


Hanging lanterns

There’s a reason hanging lanterns are an old favorite for decorating: they can transform your backyard into a truly magical place.

Whether you like a summer pool party with guests mingling in the night air, or you prefer to do a little quiet stargazing with your family, hanging lanterns will enhance your pool area with a cozy ambience.


Rope lighting

When adding new light fixtures to your pool area, don’t just think about adding light to the porch in your backyard; think about bringing the light right to your pool’s edge!

A newer trend for decorating your pool is to install rope lighting directly around the perimeter of the pool. At night, this border of tiny lights illuminates the water in a way that is truly eye-catching.


#5. Find some shade.


One last way to enhance your pool area is to incorporate some means of shade. For those sweltering days of summer when even hanging by the pool for a few moments gets to be too hot, you’ll need some shaded cover to keep you cool.


Sun umbrella

To liven up your pool area, pop up a fun sun umbrella near the water’s edge. It will keep you shaded in between laps and (if you pick one with a vibrant color or design) act as a piece of visual interest in your backyard.

(For added benefit, consider finding an umbrella fortified with UV protection.)



If you’re serious about finding some shade and a tiny umbrella just won’t cut it for you, look for a canopy instead. This covering is large enough to shield a full table and chairs and/or couches.

Why should you take the time to set up a canopy by your pool? If you have a comfortable, cool place to sit outside, you make your pool doubly useful. It is now not just a place for swimming, but also one for sitting outside and relaxing (comfortably) in the summer sun.


The summer months are just around the corner. Before the next pool season arrives, take this time in the spring to enhance your pool area.


Looking for even more ways to liven up your backyard’s pool? Find out if you’re getting the most out of your pool.


And to learn more about getting your pool ready for the summer, visit the Pool Source.


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