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Why Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner? Your Quick Guide on Pool Robots

August 1, 2017 8:00 am Published by: INNOVEX

Spending a summer day swimming around in your pool is always a good time. But when it comes time to clean that pool, you’re probably a little less enthusiastic to head poolside. Quit wasting your time (and the beautiful, summer weather) cleaning your pool. It’s time to get a pool robot to do the work for you!


Need to pick an automatic pool cleaner? Not sure where to start? Here’s your quick guide on pool robots:


Why use an automatic pool cleaner?

You might think that there’s no real reason to use an automatic pool cleaner. Perhaps you’ve been cleaning your pool manually for years with no issue. But with the newest automatic pool cleaners, or “pool robots,” you can get the job done better, faster, and with less effort.


They are fast and efficient.

Most of the new pool robots on the market can clean a pool in just a few hours, capturing all leaves and debris floating around and in the pool. (This means no more wasting the entire weekend cleaning out your pool!)


Installation is easy.

Worried that it sounds a little complicated to get a “pool robot” set up and ready for use?

On the contrary, you can install these automatic pool cleaners easily, often in only a few minutes’ time. Moreover, you can configure these sophisticated pool robots to clean nearly any size, shape, or type of pool.


They also help to improve circulation in the pool.

As a pool robot navigates through your pool, it will also act like a moving drain, working to improve the circulation in the pool. In doing so, it will help to maintain the water chemistry, which keeps the water clear and keeps algae at bay.


Types of Pool Robots

Now that you’re on board with using an automatic pool cleaner, the next move is to pick the right pool robot for you.  


TigerShark series

For a pool robot that’s sure to get the job done, look to the TigerShark series. Made by the same company that took care of the pools in the last six Olympic games, the TigerShark series is considered the most advanced portable pool cleaner.

TigerShark series by Hayward - The Pool Source



  • Quick, efficient cleaning: All models in the TigerShark series feature a standard 3-hour complete cleaning cycle. In this time, the floor, walls, covers, and waterline are completely cleaned.
  • Top-of-the-line vacuum: The TigerShark models’ vacuums feature an on-board pump that’s powerful enough to suck up all dirt and debris from your pool. Plus, with a 24-volt motor, this vacuum is powerfully efficient, but uses less energy (saving you money!).
  • Simple cartridge filter system: Don’t worry that this sophisticated pool robot will be complicated to maneuver. The TigerShark series employs a simple, easy-to-use cartridge filter system. Simply open the cleaner, remove the cartridge, and rinse with a basic, garden hose. No extra pumps or accessories needed!


Want to take a closer look at the TigerShark series? Visit the Pool Source to see this pool robot for yourself.


SharkVac series

When you use an automatic pool cleaner, you can clean your pool more efficiently than ever before. And when it comes to maximum efficiency, the SharkVac series is the ultimate winner.

 SharkVac series - available at The Pool Source!



  • Smart-steering technology: The SharkVac pool robots use a smart-steering technology to create an efficient cleaning pattern, enabling it to clean all floors and coves of a pool in only 2 hours.
  • Easy to clean: If it seems counter-productive to spend a lot of time cleaning your pool cleaner, then that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about with the SharkVac series! Equipped with a top-access filter, this pool robot is quick and easy to clean. Once it’s done its job, simply remove the filters and rinse with a garden hose.
  • No additional accessories required: There’s no need to worry about purchasing additional cleaning implements. The SharkVac pool robot eliminates the need for any additional hoses, hookups, or pumps – it can do it all!

Like the sound of the SharkVac series? You can find this automatic pool cleaner at the Pool Source.



On the next sunny, summer day, don’t worry about spending time cleaning your pool.


If you use an automatic pool cleaner, you can get the job done faster and better, so that you can spend your time working on your backstroke!


Find the pool robot that’s right for you at the Pool Source.


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