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Hot Tubs vs. Jacuzzis vs. Spas: What’s the Difference?

December 8, 2017 6:44 pm Published by: INNOVEX

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis and spas…oh my! If you’re considering investing, or have already decided to invest, you’ll know there’s not a lot of clarity on the differences between options. While these three terms are generally used interchangeably, we at Pool Source want to clear up the confusion and shed some light on the distinct difference between hot tubs, Jacuzzis and spas to help inform your decision.

What’s the difference between Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis and Spas?

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are above ground spas that are portable and can easily be relocated. They are complete and self-contained units that house all the pumps, heating and filter apparatuses necessary to operate your hot tub. They heat up quickly, hold temperatures extraordinarily well, and can be a more energy efficient option.

Previously made from wood, hot tubs are now made from many different materials such as acrylic, thermoplastic or vinyl. They come in a huge range of designs, with great variety in seating number, seating layout, color, jet count and additional features.

Because of the many of designs available, hot tubs can be a more ergonomical option, providing better jet massage, easier maintenance, and cost savings.


The term Jacuzzi is derived from the brand that invented the underwater jet, first used in bathtubs.

Today, the Jacuzzi brand manufactures their original bathtubs and above-ground hot tubs. However, the brand name has come to define the generic product and is used interchangeably with hot tub and spa.


Spas are best characterized by their in-ground quality. They are typically attached to an in-ground pool, in a layout similar to what you might find at a hotel.

Made of concrete and built into the landscape of your yard, they are permanent additions to your home and a great value adding investment. They are customizable and can be fully integrated with the design of your home. They have more uniform bench seating, and a few jets inlaid along the walls of the tub.

In-ground Spas can be a little more costly to operate, as they have a longer heating time, and require more energy.

Spa is also the most commonly used term that generally refers to any tub fitted with jets or natural hot spring pool. 


With all the options available to customers, it can be difficult to decide which is the right option for you is.

When comparing hot tubs vs. Jacuzzis vs. spas, research is the best way to determine what fits you and your home best.

Get started with your research by learning how to select the perfect hot tub, and checking out Pool Source’s many hot tub models online.

You can also get in touch online, or leverage their expertise in person, for a test soak, at their Cranston location!

Still not sold on adding a hot tub to your home?

Read more about why having a hot tub is actually a great investment.

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