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Work It Out: Lose Weight or Gain Muscle with a Sauna

Work It Out: Lose Weight or Gain Muscle with a Sauna! - The Pool Source

Saunas have long been known for their healthy detoxification and relaxation benefits. However, most people don’t know that saunas can help you cut OR bulk, and can be used to help lose weight or gain muscle. Saunas can be instrumental to your health and fitness goals and we’d like to show you how to best Read More

Hot Tubs vs. Jacuzzis vs. Spas: What’s the Difference?

Hot Tubs vs. Jacuzzis vs. Spas What's the Difference - Pool Source

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis and spas…oh my! If you’re considering investing, or have already decided to invest, you’ll know there’s not a lot of clarity on the differences between options. While these three terms are generally used interchangeably, we at Pool Source want to clear up the confusion and shed some light on the distinct Read More

How to Properly Use a Sauna

How to Properly Use Your Sauna - Pool Source

A sauna can be a great addition to your home, as it not only helps you to relax, but, also, offers many physical health benefits. However, it’s important to remember that you need to properly use a sauna if you’re going to fully take advantage of its benefits and stay safe. In today’s post, learn Read More

4 Hot Tub and Sauna Myths: Debunked or Confirmed?

4 Hot Tub and Sauna Myths: Debunked or Confirmed?

Surprisingly, hot tubs and saunas can be a rather controversial topic. While many see them as must-haves for a weekend party or the place to go to relax after work, some people stay away from hot tubs for fear of the old wives’ tales lurking about. It’s time to put these myths to rest once Read More

Why Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner? Your Quick Guide on Pool Robots

Why Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner Your Quick Guide on Pool Robots - The Pool Source

Spending a summer day swimming around in your pool is always a good time. But when it comes time to clean that pool, you’re probably a little less enthusiastic to head poolside. Quit wasting your time (and the beautiful, summer weather) cleaning your pool. It’s time to get a pool robot to do the work Read More

3 Steps to a Clear Pool

3 Steps to a Clear Pool - Pool Source

While you’re splashing around in your pool this summer, don’t forget to pay attention to a little pool-cleaning maintenance. After all, you and your family want to be splashing around in a pool that is clean and clear. What are the steps to a clear pool? It’s easier than you think.  Check out the 3 Read More

3 Common Pool Problems and How to Avoid Them

3 Common Pool Problems and How to Avoid Them - Pool Source RI

For a pool owner, there’s nothing worse than getting ready to dive into your pool and realizing there’s something wrong with the water. Instead of spending the day enjoying a refreshing swim, you now have to get to work to clean up your pool. How can you prevent common pool problems from ruining your summer Read More

Top 5 Pool Opening Tips

Swimming Pool Opening Tips

For pool owners, the spring means one thing: another pool season is just around the corner. But before you start dreaming about lazy, summer days by the pool, review some pool opening tips to help get you (and your pool) get ready for the upcoming season.  Here are the top 5 pool opening tips: 1. Check Read More

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

Enhance Your Pool Area this Spring 2017 with the Pool Source!

What is synonymous with springtime? Spring cleaning. And while the cleaning part doesn’t always sound fun, the sense of renewal and refreshment that comes with it sure does. This spring, you can enhance your pool area and enjoy that uplifting feeling of renewal – without the cleaning part! How can you do it? Take a look Read More

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Pool?

Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your Pool? - The Pool Source

Installing a pool in your home can seem like a big investment. You may wonder: is it really worth it? Similarly, if you already have a pool, you may ask yourself: am I getting the most out of my pool? Rest assured, you can have confidence that a pool is indeed a valuable investment and Read More

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