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Traditional Spa

Designer Series

A Designer Finnish sauna comes with the ultimate luxury and comfort with clean, contemporary styling. highly prized woods, and quality craftsmanship. Each board is individually selected and finished, while each door and window is handmade to appeal to even the most lavish tastes.

Sisu Sauna

 The “Classic” of the residential sauna industry is Finnleo’s® Sisu series. Made exclusively with fine-grained Nordic White Spruce, this traditional Finnish Sauna provides a light and well-ventilated interior with a subtle hint of deep Finnish Forests. From personal size to club sizes, Finnleo® is offered in unlimited designs. 

Outdoor Sauna

The superb sauna design of a Finnelo® sauna allows it to tie into its surroundings effortlessly. These saunas are perfect for doubling as pool houses and are perfect for entertaining poolside, spa-side, lakeside, or near the patio. 

Passport Series

One of the best values in traditional saunas is Finnleo’s® Passport Series. It’s many features make it one of the easiest saunas to own and easy to assemble with plug-in simplicity. The Passport Series is also loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas.

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